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Lyrically Leonard Cohen / Jonathan Richman. Stylistically All Heart.

Morning Star is songwriter / multi-instrumentalist Jesse D. Vernon
“I would have been happy to make a record combining the acoustic guitar sound and old testament imagery of Bob Dylans “John Wesley Harding” with the fun and musical versatility of Sesame Street.”

Originally from Bristol, now based in Paris, Jesse has found success in France with countless gigs across the country, features in top French rock mag Les Inrockuptibles, his tracks used in several French films

Here in the UK Richard Williams of the Guardian did a one off review of 2001’s My Place In The Dust, produced by P. J. Harvey collaborator and long time musical ally John Parish. Bob Harris has also been a supporter, playing Black Swan from Morning Star’s last album 2005’s The Opposite Is True.

Morning Star have supported/shared bills with John Parish, The National, Jeffrey Lewis, Bert Jansch, M Ward, Camera Obscura and The Pastels; and have toured in America, Europe and Japan

One of the key members of cult Bristol band Moonflowers, The Liftmen and The Invisible Pair Of Hands Jesse’s band Morning Star has a myriad and ever changing line-up depending on the season and location, sometimes performing solo with a choir, other times as a trio or quartet it’s a jazz approach which, along with his interactive concert approach, keep the gigs fresh as a daisy.

 Always a lively and entertaining performer – just listen to the fantastic live take like Great Day on his myspace ( with Jesse’s effortless, breathtaking guitar breaks and mindbending loop trickery just adding to the fun groove of the song.

"[Morning Star] are quite capable of sounding like leonard cohens younger brother acompianied by paulo contes musicians" Richard Williams The Guardian
"if someone invented a vaccine against romanticism, the heart of jesse d vernon would remain incurably imune" Julian Owen Venue Magazine
"it's definately easy listening, definately soft rock, you say soft as shit i say you ain’t squeezed my shit" from a fanzine based in southmapton.
New album A Sign for the Stranger
Released October 26th 2009 on Microbe / Folkwit Records


a sign for the stranger
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